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Page history last edited by Tyson 15 years, 8 months ago

Welcome to Whatisbtcorn.pbwiki.com, 

This web page is dedicated to addressing topics concerning the genetically modified (GM) crop, Bt Corn. Our research team will cover legal, ethical, economic, health and environmental issues arising from the growing usage of this particular GM food. Information dealing with some additional GM crops will  also be presented, along with external links for further research. 

Readers can easily navigate the site by using the side bar located directly to the right of this content. We begin with an overview of genetically modified foods, Bt Corn and its history, moving into more specific and in-depth topics. A complete annotated bibliography and short bios of the members of our research team can also be located on the side bar.



Questions and comments can be sent to whatisbtcorn@yahoo.com


Enjoy your stay!


Comments (3)

Jen Scott said

at 8:13 pm on Nov 5, 2008

Glad you guys got your pages created...just get them filled up with some content!

javiervromero said

at 9:31 pm on Nov 5, 2008

well this is a class project and thats why we are taking some time to fill them .

javiervromero said

at 9:34 pm on Nov 5, 2008

lol i just realized that it was you Miss Bracken. i though it was someone else who had left the comment on the page. :)

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